Latest updates of translations

1009/2008 English
Act on Organising the Investigation of Sexual and Assault Offences against Children (edited 20.2.2020)
906/2019 English
Act on Information Management in Public Administration (edited 12.2.2020)
1101/2019 English
Government Decree on Security Classification of Documents in Central Government (edited 4.2.2020)
1705/2009 English
Act on the Financing of Education and Culture (edited 4.2.2020)
750/1994 English
Act on Public Officials in Central Government (edited 23.1.2020)
306/2019 English
Act on the Provision of Digital Services (edited 14.1.2020)
672/2002 English
Act on the Enforcement of a Fine (edited 13.1.2020)
768/2005 English
Remand Imprisonment Act (edited 27.12.2019)
767/2005 English
Imprisonment Act (edited 27.12.2019)
1145/2001 English
Maritime Search and Rescue Act (edited 20.12.2019)
1047/2001 English
Lotteries Act (edited 20.12.2019)
798/2019 English
Government Decree on the National Prosecution Authority (edited 12.12.2019)
32/2019 English
Act on the National Prosecution Authority (edited 12.12.2019)
470/2019 English
Act on Transfers of Real Estate Requiring Special Permission (edited 9.12.2019)
469/2019 English
Act on the State’s right of pre-emption in certain areas (edited 9.12.2019)
468/2019 English
Act on the Right of Redemption of Immovable Property and Special Rights in Order to Protect National Security (edited 9.12.2019)
210/2011 English
Act on the Airport Network and Airport Charges (edited 5.12.2019)
619/1996 English
Act on the Enforcement of Decisions on Child Custody and Right of Access (edited 27.11.2019)
361/1983 English
Act on Child Custody and Right of Access (edited 27.11.2019)
246/2011 English
Government Decree on Pilotage (edited 7.11.2019)

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