Translations of Finnish acts and decrees: 2019

1101/2019 English
Government Decree on Security Classification of Documents in Central Government
906/2019 English
Act on Information Management in Public Administration
798/2019 English
Government Decree on the National Prosecution Authority
704/2019 English
Government Decree on Managing the Risk Caused by Alien Species
470/2019 English
Act on Transfers of Real Estate Requiring Special Permission
469/2019 English
Act on the State’s right of pre-emption in certain areas
468/2019 English
Act on the Right of Redemption of Immovable Property and Special Rights in Order to Protect National Security
370/2019 English
Act on the Right of Residence in Finland until the End of 2020 of Nationals of the United Kingdom Who Have Registered Their Residence in Finland and Their Family Members
306/2019 English
Act on the Provision of Digital Services
32/2019 English
Act on the National Prosecution Authority

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