Translations of Finnish acts and decrees: 2018

1388/2018 English
Decree of the Ministry of the Interior on the Terms and Conditions of the Employment Relationships of Civilian Personnel Participating in Crisis Management
1328/2018 English
Act on the Residential and Commercial Property Information System
1121/2018 English
Food Market Act
1054/2018 English
Act on the Processing of Personal Data in Criminal Matters and in Connection with Maintaining National Security
1050/2018 English
Data Protection Act
1033/2018 English
Decree of the Ministry of Finance on the content requirements for the proposal for the reorganisation of the operations of a credit institution or investment firm
859/2018 English
Radiation Act
714/2018 English
Act on General Upper Secondary Education
595/2018 English
Trade Secrets Act
540/2018 English
Act on Early Childhood Education and Care
508/2018 English
Government Decree on the Manning of Ships and Certification of Seafarers
502/2018 English
Act on Gas Appliances
500/2018 English
Decree of the President of the Republic on the Performance of Certain Duties under the Act on Preventing Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing in Åland
411/2018 English
Act on the Registration of Debt Collectors
253/2018 English
Maternity Act
146/2018 English
Government Decree on Placing Certain Wires in Water Areas
108/2018 English
Act on Crime Prevention by the Border Guard
74/2018 English
Decree of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment on Space Activities
63/2018 English
Act on Space Activities

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