Translations of Finnish acts and decrees: 2012

980/2012 English
Act on Supporting the Functional Capacity of the Older Population and on Social and Health Services for Older Persons
954/2012 English
Act on the Type Approval of Certain Construction Products
916/2012 English
Act on public employment and business service
825/2012 English
Government Decree on the Living Environment for Seafarers on Board Ships
820/2012 English
Government Decree on Catering for Seafarers on Board Ships
747/2012 English
Act on Investment Services
746/2012 English
Securities Markets Act
688/2012 English
Biobank Act
620/2012 English
Act on National Implementation of the Provisions of a Legislative Nature Contained in the Framework Decision on Supervision Measures Imposed as an Alternative to Provisional Detention and on the Application of the Framework Decision
548/2012 English
Decree of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry on the pursuit of activities in the animal feed sector
422/2012 English
Government Decree on the National Objectives for Education Referred to in the Basic Education Act and in the Distribution of Lesson Hours
395/2012 English
Act on the Working and Living Environment and Catering for Seafarers on Board Ships
391/2012 English
Government Decree on Mining Activities
313/2012 Russian
Постановление Государственного Совета о размерах потребительских цен на таксомоторные перевозки
282/2012 English
Act on the export of defence materiel
214/2012 English
Act on the Storage of Information Extracted from the Criminal Records and on the Disclosure of Such Information between Finland and Other Member States of the European Union
202/2012 English
Government Decree on Adoption
179/2012 English
Government Decree on Waste
46/2012 English
Decree of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health on the Fees Charged for Opinions of the Regional Ethics Committees and the National Committee on Medical Research Ethics
22/2012 English
Adoption Act

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