Euroopan alueen valtioiden korkeakouluopintojen,tutkintojen ja oppiarvojen tunnustamista koskeva yleissopimus

Konvention om erkännande av studier, betyg och examina avseende högre utbildning i stater som tillhör Europaregionen

Convention on the recognition of studies, diplomas and degrees concerning higher education in the States belonging to the Europe Region


II Monenväliset sopimukset
8. Kulttuuri, tiede, opetus

21.12.1979 (Pariisi)

Ratifiointipäivä:19.01.1982 R
Kansainvälinen voimaantulopäivä: 19.02.1982
Sopimukset: 11/1982
Säädösviitteet: 132/1982


    Sitoutumispäivä: 15.06.1982 R
    Voimaantulopäivä: 15.07.1982

    Alueellinen soveltaminen: Sovelletaan 1.1.1986 lukien myös Arubaan.

    Sitoutumispäivä: 06.03.2002 R
    Voimaantulopäivä: 01.05.2002
    Sitoutumispäivä: 05.09.1993 VS
    Voimaantulopäivä: -
    Sitoutumispäivä: 06.08.1986 L
    Voimaantulopäivä: 06.09.1986

    In handing over Australia's instrument of accession to the Convention on the Recognition of Studies, Diplomas and Degrees concerning Higher Education in the States belonging to the Europe Region, done at Paris on 21 December 1979, I have been instructed to present the following statement:
    Australia has a federal constitutional system in which legislative, executive and judicial powers are shared or distributed between the Commonwealth of Australia and the constituent States. The implementation of the treaty throughout Australia will be effected by the Commonwealth, State and Territory authorities having regard to their respective constitutional powers and arrangements concerning their exercise. In addition, at present in Australia each higher education institution has responsibility for determining what qualifications it will accept for admission to various levels of study. Registration boards and professional associations have responsibility for determining the recognition to be given to qualifications whether obtained in Australia or overseas, for the purpose of registration or permission to practise a profession in Australia. The Commonwealth authorities will transmit the text of the Convention to these educational institutions, in accordance with Article 6 of the Convention, and also to the relevant boards and associations.
    You will understand that this statement is not a reservation.

    Sitoutumispäivä: 29.11.1994 L
    Voimaantulopäivä: 29.12.1994
    Sitoutumispäivä: 24.09.1986 R
    Voimaantulopäivä: 24.10.1986
    Sitoutumispäivä: 12.07.1993 VS
    Voimaantulopäivä: -
    Sitoutumispäivä: 22.04.1981 R
    Voimaantulopäivä: 19.02.1982
    Sitoutumispäivä: 31.08.1982 R
    Voimaantulopäivä: 01.10.1982
    Sitoutumispäivä: 04.11.1992 VS
    Voimaantulopäivä: -
    Sitoutumispäivä: 22.10.1985 R
    Voimaantulopäivä: 22.11.1985

    The United Kingdom Government declares that it ratifies the Convention on behalf of: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Montserrat and undertake faithfully to perform and carry out all the stipulations therein contained subject to the reservation that Article 7.1 will be taken to apply to all certificates, diplomas and degrees which are related to a course of study provided by a recognized institution. (For many institutions, including the Universities, there are no competent approving authorities, the institutions exercising academic autonomy with the assistance of external examiners. In the case of other institutions, the award is made by a separate validating body.)

    Alueellinen soveltaminen: Sovelletaan myös Bermudaan, Brittiläisiin Neitsytsaariin, Gibraltariin ja Montserratiin.

    Sitoutumispäivä: 13.08.1981 R
    Voimaantulopäivä: 19.02.1982
    Sitoutumispäivä: 20.01.1983 R
    Voimaantulopäivä: 20.02.1983
    Sitoutumispäivä: 25.03.1986 R
    Voimaantulopäivä: 25.04.1986

    The Republic of Austria will recognize the certificates, studies, diplomas and degrees, covered by this Convention, provided that the level and content of the foreign education courses and examinations correspond to the level of comparable Austrian courses and examinations. When implementing this Convention, the Republic of Austria will recognize only those educational and higher educational institutions that correspond to equivalent Austrian institutions.

    Sitoutumispäivä: 06.03.1990 R
    Voimaantulopäivä: 06.04.1990

    Canada's Constitution provides for a federal system in which legislative powers are allocated between the federal parliament and the provincial legislatures.
    In accordance with its exclusive legislative powers in education under the Canadian Constitution, each province will assure the application of the Convention within its territory. Pursuant to Part IV of the Convention, federal and provincial authorities will jointly establish a commission to act as a national body.
    Each post-secondary institution in Canada has responsibility for determining what qualifications it will accept for admission to various levels of study. Most professions are self-governing and have authority conferred on them by legislation to determine the recognition to be given to qualifications, whether obtained in Canada or in other countries, for the purpose of registration or permission to practice a profession in Canada. This declaration is not a reservation.

    Sitoutumispäivä: 14.03.1997 VS
    Voimaantulopäivä: -
    Sitoutumispäivä: 07.11.1995 VS
    Voimaantulopäivä: -
    Sitoutumispäivä: 06.07.1992 VS
    Voimaantulopäivä: -
    Sitoutumispäivä: 19.03.1985 R
    Voimaantulopäivä: 19.04.1985
    Sitoutumispäivä: 22.06.1994 L
    Voimaantulopäivä: 22.07.1994
    Sitoutumispäivä: 16.11.1994 L
    Voimaantulopäivä: 16.12.1994
    Sitoutumispäivä: 30.04.1997 VS
    Voimaantulopäivä: -
    Sitoutumispäivä: 24.03.1983 R
    Voimaantulopäivä: 24.04.1983
    Sitoutumispäivä: 26.04.2007 VS
    Voimaantulopäivä: 03.06.2006
    Sitoutumispäivä: 02.06.1988 R
    Voimaantulopäivä: 02.07.1988
    Sitoutumispäivä: 29.08.1984 R
    Voimaantulopäivä: 29.09.1984
    Sitoutumispäivä: 28.10.1982 R
    Voimaantulopäivä: 28.11.1982
    Sitoutumispäivä: 28.07.1989 R
    Voimaantulopäivä: 28.08.1989
    Sitoutumispäivä: 12.06.1990 R
    Voimaantulopäivä: 12.07.1990
    Sitoutumispäivä: 07.03.1984 R
    Voimaantulopäivä: 07.04.1984
    Sitoutumispäivä: 08.12.1994 R
    Voimaantulopäivä: 08.01.1995

    The Federal Republic of Germany welcomes the objectives of the aforementioned Convention, namely the promotion of mobility of persons and the exchange of ideas, knowledge and scientific and technological experience.
    For the purpose of Article 1 of the Convention, it regards credits, certificates, studies, diplomas and degrees as comparable if and in so far as the foreign courses concerned produce a level of education or end with a final examination equivalent to that of corresponding German courses.
    The same applies to Articles 3 and 4 of the Convention.

    As regards the university sector:
    The Federal Republic of Germany shall recognize the equivalence of diplomas and degrees covered by this Convention only in so far as the requirements of the foreign examinations are equivalent to those of the examinations set in the Federal Republic of Germany.
    In applying this Convention, the Federal Republic of Germany shall recognize only end-of study diplomas awarded by those foreign higher education establishments that correspond to the higher education establishments coming within the field of application of the policy law governing higher education (Hochschulrahmengesetz).
    Responsibility for the application of the provisions of Articles 8 and 9 shall rest with the relevant authorities in the Federal Republic of Germany, in conformity with existing legislation.

    As regards Article 1, paragraph 1(b), of the Convention:
    Admission to a regulated profession and its exercise are subject to the rules and procedures in force in the national territory and to the other conditions laid down by the governmental and professional authorities responsible for the exercise of professional activity in question. This condition shall also apply to admission to a vocational training course for the exercise of a regulated profession.

    Sitoutumispäivä: 15.04.1983 R
    Voimaantulopäivä: 15.05.1983
    Sitoutumispäivä: 11.09.2001 VS
    Voimaantulopäivä: 27.04.1992
    Sitoutumispäivä: 31.03.1993 VS
    Voimaantulopäivä: 01.01.1993
    Sitoutumispäivä: 05.11.1992 VS
    Voimaantulopäivä: -
    Sitoutumispäivä: 16.05.1991 R
    Voimaantulopäivä: 16.06.1991

    The Swiss Federal Council declares that the application of the Convention is subject to reservations in connection with the competence of the Cantons in educational matters as derived from the Federal Constitution and the autonomy of the universities.

    Sitoutumispäivä: 28.08.1992 VS
    Voimaantulopäivä: -
    Sitoutumispäivä: 09.12.1982 R
    Voimaantulopäivä: 09.01.1983
    Sitoutumispäivä: 26.03.1993 VS
    Voimaantulopäivä: 01.01.1993
    Sitoutumispäivä: 28.04.1988 R
    Voimaantulopäivä: 28.05.1988
    Sitoutumispäivä: 04.06.1996 VS
    Voimaantulopäivä: -
    Sitoutumispäivä: 16.03.1982 R
    Voimaantulopäivä: 16.04.1982
    Sitoutumispäivä: 14.09.1982 R
    Voimaantulopäivä: 14.10.1982
    Sitoutumispäivä: 03.03.1982 R
    Voimaantulopäivä: 03.04.1982
    Sitoutumispäivä: 10.06.1982 R
    Voimaantulopäivä: 10.07.1982
    Sitoutumispäivä: 26.01.1982 R
    Voimaantulopäivä: 19.02.1982

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