Latest updates of translations

434/2003 English
Administrative Procedure Act (edited 14.8.2018)
418/2017 English
Act on the Making of Decisions Concerning the Provision of and Request for International Assistance (edited 9.8.2018)
1360/2006 English
Act on Registering of Ship's Crew (edited 7.8.2018)
1194/2009 English
Aviation Act (edited 7.8.2018)
746/2011 English
Act on the Reception of Persons Applying for International Protection and on the Identification of and Assistance to Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings (edited 7.8.2018)
908/2017 English
Act on the Conditions of Entry and Residence of Third-Country Nationals in the Framework of an Intra-Corporate Transfer (edited 7.8.2018)
1146/1999 English
Posted Workers Act (edited 7.8.2018)
355/1987 English
Sale of Goods Act (edited 4.7.2018)
853/2016 English
Act on the Registration of Certain Credit Providers and Credit Intermediaries (edited 27.6.2018)
1134/2016 English
Lift Safety Act (edited 27.6.2018)
1139/2016 English
Act on the Conformity of Equipment and Protection Systems Intended for Use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres (edited 27.6.2018)
1140/2016 English
Act on the Conformity of Explosives (edited 27.6.2018)
1144/2016 English
Pressure Equipment Act (edited 27.6.2018)
1531/2016 English
Act on Pension Support (edited 27.6.2018)
517/1999 English
Act on Debt Collection Licences (edited 27.6.2018)
570/2005 English
Act on Insurance Mediation (edited 27.6.2018)
920/2005 English
Act on Verifying the Competence of Conformity Assessment Services (edited 27.6.2018)
554/2011 English
Decree of the Ministry of Finance on the Information to be Appended to the Authorisation Application of a Payment Institution (edited 27.6.2018)
707/2011 English
Measuring Instruments Act (edited 27.6.2018)
180/2015 English
Act on the Conformity of Pyrotechnic Articles (edited 27.6.2018)

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