Latest updates of translations

504/2002 English
Act on checking the criminal backround of persons working with children (edited 18.5.2018)
578/2013 English
Act on the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (edited 13.4.2018)
396/2014 English
Decree of the Council of State on Authorized Industrial Property Agents (edited 13.4.2018)
74/2018 English
Decree of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment on Space Activities (edited 3.4.2018)
221/1971 English
Registered Designs Act (edited 3.4.2018)
551/1967 English
Act on Inventions of Importance to the Defence of the Country (edited 3.4.2018)
369/2006 English
Act on the Right in Inventions made at Higher Education Institutions (edited 3.4.2018)
656/1967 English
Act on the Right in Employee Inventions (edited 3.4.2018)
946/1991 English
Decree on the Exclusive Right in the Layout-Design (Topography) of an Integrated Circuit (edited 3.4.2018)
795/1980 English
Act on Collective Marks (edited 3.4.2018)
7/1964 English
Trademarks Act (edited 3.4.2018)
325/2013 English
Act on the Freezing of Funds with a View to Combating Terrorism (edited 14.3.2018)
688/2001 English
Act on Discretionary Government Transfers (edited 14.3.2018)
39/1889 English
Criminal Code of Finland, The (edited 9.3.2018)
453/2003 English
Act on the Freedom of Religion (edited 1.3.2018)
63/2018 English
Act on Space Activities (edited 1.3.2018)
714/1998 English
Election Act (edited 1.3.2018)
1137/2016 English
Act on the Market Surveillance of Certain Products (edited 28.2.2018)
278/2016 English
Act on Notified Bodies Concerning Certain Product Groups (edited 28.2.2018)
843/2017 English
Government Decree on the Recovery of Certain Wastes in Earth Construction (edited 16.2.2018)

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