All translations in alphabetical order:

1129/2003 English
Act on Verification and Notification of Origin of Electricity
920/2005 English
Act on Verifying the Competence of Conformity Assessment Services
556/2007 English
Act on Voluntary National Defence
248/1982 English
Act on Working Hours on Vessels in Domestic Traffic
1380/1993 English
Act on Yleisradio Oy
273/2009 English
Act on a Candidate’s Election Funding
754/2008 English
Act on a European Order for Payment Procedure
753/2008 English
Act on a European Small Claims Procedure
1096/2008 English
Act on a limited liability company called Hansel Oy
462/2009 English
Act on auctioning certain radio frequencies
47/2009 English
Act on certifying medical practitioners as medical practitioners authorised to conduct medical fitness examinations of seafarers
504/2002 English
Act on checking the criminal backround of persons working with children
480/1992 English
Act on competition restrictions
526/2011 English
Act on investigations into military aviation accidents
563/2002 English
Act on legal recognition of the gender of transsexuals
394/2011 English
Act on mediation in civil matters and confirmation of settlements in general courts
708/1997 English
Act on on the Fee Collected for Securing the Provision of Postal Services on Sparsely Populated Areas
211/2013 English
Act on partial funding of damages for pharmaceutical injuries in 2009 from government funds
916/2012 English
Act on public employment and business service
361/1992 English
Act on the Acceptande of Certain Regulations in the Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and Their Disposal

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